Restaurant Loiseau des Vignes in Beaune (21), France.

Book your table. The Loiseau restaurants are very often full.

If you go to Beaune, not to far from the very famous ” Hospices de Beaune”, you should manage to have dinner at Loiseau des Vignes.

I must say that the service took a long long time, but the cuisine was totally unbelievable. Continue reading

Vaux le Vicomte (77), France.

A 17th century masterpiece, Vaux-le-Vicomte was the backdrop to many major historical events and witnessed the tragic eviction of its creator, Nicolas Fouquet, who was imprisoned following an extraordinary trial.

The architect Louis Le Vau  was already enjoying widespread recognition when Fouquet called on his services in 1653. As Principal Architect of the King, he had already erected many Parisian mansions including the Hôtel Lambert. Considered the greatest ambassador of the Italian style in France, Continue reading

Best deal to fly between Paris and New York.

For all flights between Paris Orly and New York, both JFK and Newark, I strongly recommand OPENSKIES.

This small airline is part of British airways, so you will get Avios (BA miles). Of course you will as well be welcome to use your Avios to get upgraded or simply get a mileage ticket. Continue reading

Entertaining at home.

Sometimes it is stressfull. So here is a good tip, Try to cook some dishes that needs to be prepared the day before.

I make sure that the decor is different than last time if the same people are coming back. Table cloth, flowers, decors displayed on the table, candles, all must be different. Continue reading