About me.



serving after Dinner drinks.


30 rue Saint Jacques, 41800 Montoire sur le Loir, France


French nationality.

Fluent in French and English.

I carry a B1 / B2 USA visa.

Clean driving license.

March 15th 1954 (61 years old).

I learned the restaurant and hôtel business in Paris, in the very best school , Ferrandi.

I have been working for 8 years for Private VIP families, and now I am the head Butler at hotel Esencia next to Tulum in Mexico. In charge of three prestige villas, part of a five stars hotel on the Riviera Maya. I have no dependence and can work anywhere where the job is. Being French makes it easier for me to work in Europe but I am used to work in the USA too. I love travels and it is easy for me to follow my employers or even go further to make sure their expectations are met. Last minutes travels or duties are my cup of tea. I love training other staff to the higher standard and I am a fellow team member.

September 2015 untill now :

Head Butler at Hotel Esencia, Tulum, Mexico. In charge of three villas for VVIP and providing full five stars service 24/7.

December 2014 to September 2015 :

Freelance Butler in private homes in the center of France.

June 2011 to December 2014 :

Butler and House manager for an American Family in Pennsylvania. This family owns as well a beautiful villa in Palm Beach Florida and a superb 18th century Chateau in the Loire valley area in France. Traditionally, January and February are in Florida. Every June, July and September are in France. Of course we do small trips as well to France during the year. In the Summer time the family  welcome a lot of guests, in the 15 bedrooms and beside my regular duties, I have to take them to sightseeing in the region. I have to say that I love history so it is easy for me to be a kind of a guide for them.

In the three residences, I make sure breakfast is ready and I take care of this service. I would after take my orders from the Lady of the house and we both organize the duties like lunch for 8 people around the pool, diner for 12 with a formal etiquette service as a few nobles from their friends are invited. I sometimes was in charge of welcoming guests at the Paris airport. Lunch is currently casual and diners are more formal and all gentlemen were a jacket and tie. Candles, flowers, fine wines and of course cocktails are my daily duties as making sure the tables are well laid.

I do the service myself and of course some other staff members join me if needed. I always have a great pleasure to train volunteers who really want to learn something. Of course as well I make sure the family and their guests have everything they need all day long and I never go away without making sure another member of the staff is on duty to do this for me at all time. Both of my employers ask me most of the time to organize their travel bookings and to run errant of all kind for the houses, and the lady wants me to make sure I have all I need to reach the top service she is asking for. This is a very exiting job and I believe I could not do it without this complicity with the family. Of course I remain discreet and loyal to my employers. I always try my very best to provide them and their guests a five stars service and my long and happy and successful career in great hotels and restaurants help me a lot in my daily duties. As I did work as a interior designer for over ten years, I have a strong point of view about details and my hotel background help me a lot in checking all these, before the first arrival of guests or any member of the family. I usually know what they want and at what time, so I take care of it before they request it. I sometimes cook some light lunch or dinner and fresh vegetables from our gardens make the things easier. I am extremely a warm member of the team with all staff and with this family, I take care of five permanent persons in France, three in Pennsylvania and two in Florida.

November 2010 to May 2011:

Freelance Butler in private Residences in New York city. I was organizing in all aspects, and serving, some very exclusives dinners.


April 2007 to October 2010:

Butler and House manager for a top VIP American single man who is a producer with two wonderful children. This employer told me when he recruited me :” I want you to be me, because I do not want to do it“.

I was in charge of three extremely high standard residences located in New York, Paris and Saint Tropez. This last one was our base for the summer. This is a five bedrooms villa that he bought from an English Lord. After one year of renovation, the villa was equipped with a 16th century stone floor at the reception level and 18th century wooden floor for the second floor. The all villa was a mix of antique and modern. A lot of dinners up to 24 people and guests. We as well decided to rent this villa from time to time when the owner was going on his yacht. This was the second most expensive villa in Saint Tropez and I provided a five stars service 24/7. Of course I had to train all staff for this and always told them to “never say no and always smile”. I had as well to deal with recruiting extra servers, chef, body guards, chauffeur and so on. Due to the rental cost, the clientele was extreme VIPs , and required all discretions and security at all time. This was an exhausting and exiting time in my career.

Then in Paris, he has a two bedrooms apartment very well located. A lot of parties as my employer is entertaining a lot. Due to his job, a lot of celebrities were invited to these parties up to 150 guests. This was so exciting for me to totally organize for him, and with no suggestion from him, all these fine dinners and parties. I am very proud that we were considered as offering one of the best parties in town. I sometimes was taking care of his son when the nanny was off duty and after two years, the second son arrived, and this was not a problem for me as I love children. All aspects of organizing his travels, hotels , restaurants and limousines booking, planning his plane, taking care of all administrations for him as taxes, bank and pay roles for the employees, made me so much consider that this is THE job I want to do. This lifestyle is really for me.

In New York, there was a two bedrooms apartment on 5th avenue. This residence was on decoration magazines and books. He is a modern art collector and I had to take care of replacing a frame for a Andy Warhol painting. I had to organize the shipping for painting over millions each.

I was thrilled to have such responsibilities. We did entertain a lot too. From casual to formal black tie dinners up to 14 people to a cocktail for 50. I had the showbiz persons in New York coming to this apartment and this was my daily duty. This very busy employer did ask me to personal shopping for himself and for the first child he had. Coordinating the maid, the nanny, the constrictors and the extra staff was a pleasure for me.

The complicity with this employer was complete and I even had my signature at the bank so I could do all payments for him, I was registered on his Black American Express so I could easily book all travels for himself , his son and all staff members or any others that he wanted to take care off. Of course I was doing a monthly report directly to him. I was reminding him all times for a birthday, a wedding  etc, etc… and took care of the presents for him. I even remember that one day he asked me to organize a party in New Jersey in a restaurant that I hired for eighty people for his Mother’s 80th birthday. This was a huge challenge for me and I am so pleased that she and he loved it. Of course I always tried to respect the very high standard of his requests and a kind of a budget as I believe this is what I would do for myself.

Before that, I had a long, happy and successful career in different positions. I started with the hotels and restaurants business in France and Great Britain. I even worked personally for a very important Duchess who owned the hotel I was working at in England. After that I went to Tahiti for a year for my French National service. I went back after that to a five starts hotel in Paris and a few years after I moved to decoration and interior designers companies. I ended with ten years in Villeroy & Boch fine china company just before I turned to a Butler position.

References and phone number, will be on request.

Checking the table.

Checking the table.


37 thoughts on “About me.

  1. Thank you for following my blog. Even though I want to spread the word about the food and wine of Le Marche in Italy, I look forward to following your recommendations for French food and wine! Personally I always enjoy a good Sancerre, when I’m not drinking our local Pecorino. Sacrilege?


  2. Thank you so much for following my blog. I love Paris and I am planning to visit it back this winters with my love 🙂 I hope to reieve a lot of information from you on Paris.


  3. Salut Yves … thanks for following my blog. What a wonderful life you have !
    I love France too & had been spent 1.5 month in Dijon, Bourgogne a long time ago to study. Wish I can get some more travel ideas to re-visit France one day..


  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. You sound like you have a dream job – I am jealous. I would so love to travel more. I have been to Mexico and Cancun but since they were work-related my experience was limited. France – I love and would visit again and again. I look forward to returning to learn more about you and your travels. Chevvy.


  5. Thanks, Yves, for following my foodie blog! It’s interesting to read about your job. I see that you have lots of recommendations for Playa del Carmen. I just came back from a wonderful stay in Cancun. I wish I had seen your tips before leaving!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. What a fascinating career! Are you ready to write the next Downtown Abbey? I’ve been doing genealogical research and just discovered that I have a lot of french blood way back there, so maybe we’re cousins! (I’m going to write it up for my blog next Tuesday; let me know if you have any similar ancestors!)

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Your life sounds like something out of a prestigeous novel – very interesting to read. With all your experience, you must be able to write at least one book – or two. An autobiography camouflaged inside a novel and decorated with delicious recipies. That would make a bestseller!

    Liked by 1 person

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