Le Domaine des Hauts de Loire.

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Located on the wine road and at the heart of Loire castles in the midst of greenery, the Domaine des Hauts de Loire welcomes nature lovers that dream of retiring in a haven where a cosy and warm atmosphere dominates. A four star establishment, this “Relais & Châteaux” has become a true institution of French tourism.

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“La Brioche” in Cancun.

This is the Cancun version of this very nice Boulangerie from Playa del Carmen where they have 2 boutiques.

So you can go there to buy some French bread or Pastries. Croissants , brioche and pain au chocolat are waiting for you as well as some Quiche etc…

I had a pleasant Parisian breakfast and warm croissants arrived with my double expresso, The server installed a table outdoor for me. The service was very friendly as it should be and the place was very busy. The pastries are awesome and this is where I can get my favorite: the Paris-Brest.

It is quite small, and you will find La Brioche accross the street from Costco. Enjoy…

La Tranquita restaurant in Cancun

It is quite a new place and we wanted to try it. This place that is not in the center.

This is just a regular Mexican restaurant not really fancy but still nice. outdoor or indoor tables are there for you to choose. Lot of space to park your car. The waiters welcome you and make sure you respect the rules due to Covid 19.

The menu is interesting and offers you a nice range of local dishes but I was on the mood for a steack.

We first ordered some Empanadas and they were delicious. Good thing they carry wine. To follow, i picked a Flank steack with fries and my companion decided to get Ribs.

There was no way to leave this restaurant without a dessert so I had some Crepes with Dulce di Leche. So good !

We went there for some lunch and we both believe it could be a great spot for dinner as they have a bar for drinks… Try it for a nice cheap lunch or dinner.

Costelao, Brazilian restaurant in Cancun.

What a great place that we discovered in Cancun. There are a few Brazilian restaurant here but this one is the latest opened. They already have two in the city.

Very friendly welcome from the staff and the place is beautiful. You will find a large buffet where you get served (due to Covid 19) some delicious food and the servers come to your table to cut all the different meats, sausages, sweetbread and more, directly into your plate. You will be invited to try some Brazilian specialties as well.

I insist to the very profesional attitude of all the staff, and that give you a really awesome service. A young lady came to us at the end showing a huge board with the list and the pictures of the desserts. She was very funny and we keep a good memory of this short moment with her.

Foods are really very good and all the meats are at the temperature you wish. Very very beautiful meat. Of course they have some awesome wines mainly from Mexico and that is a great pleasure.

Eat at much as you want (or can) for a reasonable price in a very pleasant ambiance. Give it a try !

A real Parisian Patisserie and Cafe in Cancun, Cafe Antoinette.

The very warm and humid weather here in Cancun does not allow the pastry Chefs to make great pastries. But at Cafe Antoinette, they managed.

The main one is a beautiful place that offers you to choose between the outdoor terrace in the front, the main restaurant inside or the back garden. This charming place brings you into Paris for the time you will stay there. The music , the decor and the ambiance is for me a tremondous spot where I love to go to get an early breakfast. They do have two other cafes a bit more outside of the city of Cancun. My favorite one is the one in the center.

From bread, pastries, macarons, cakes to the food at the restaurant, they do a beautiful job and this is not easy here where the ingredients are different. Every month they do a “Macaron of the month” , I shall not miss it as the flavours are always a divine experience.

The staff is very well taking care of all their guests. Because I go there often, some servers know me and bring me exactly what I desire. I love this very pleasant attention. Of course from the opening moment at 7 am, the Valet is here to help you parking your car.

Such an enjoyable Cafe where we like to go sometimes for a Croque Monsieur, A Vol au Vent, a Crepe of only for a pastry with a beautiful expresso. Other days we just pop in to get some take away orders and I warm in the oven, my croissants or pain au chocolat most of the time on Sunday morning.

I could say more great thing about Cafe Antoinette, but you know what ? Go there and enjoy…