Patravali , Indian cuisine in Cancun.

I was frustrated not to find a good Indian restaurant in Cancun, but that was before we discovered Patravali.

The place is not extravagant but nice and there is a lot of parking spots just in front. Of course with the Covid 19, all safety precautions are taken and the tables are far away from eachother.

I always take my attention how the staff welcome you. This is very inportant for me and in this restaurant, they are at the top. Regarding the service, they are discretely taking good care of you.

The foods are awesome and you have a very nice variety. Very rare here in the Riviera Maya, they offer lamb. Of course so many more. I did not know a lot about all these foods but the server will help you with kindness to select the right meal for you even regarding the spices.

Patravali does not serve alcool but they prepare beautiful fruit cocktail that they only make a demand. I still would love a beautiful Casa Madero 3V , Mexican wine that would go perfectly with this cuisine,

I honestly and strongly recommend this restaurant when you wish to escape from Mexican or other International cuisine. What a nice place where it is good to be.