Saint Barth

As soon as you land at Gustave III Airport, you’ll find yourself transported into a dreamland, a far-away place without the constraints of everyday life. Excellence, luxury, serenity…the perfect adjectives to describe this unusual island! Nothing is lacking: the picture of perfection, St. Barts appeals to an upscale clientele seeking a garden of earthly delights.

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Brasserie Parc, Philadelphia.

The Brasserie Restaurant Parc, recalls the chic brasseries of Paris, serving traditional bistro fare in a charming and comfortable space.
Full of French traditional furnishers and decoration, this stylish addition to Rittenhouse Square pays tribute to French café culture, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. Ideal for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, the menu is filled with classics such as onion soup, escargots, steak frites and towering plateaux de fruits de mer. The baguettes are made in-house and are the perfect accompaniment to the charcuterie platter. Trout Amandine and Beef Bourguignon, Sole Meunière pair perfectly with the diverse selection of wines on our expansive wine list. Sip a Kir Royal at the original zinc bar or just enjoy a café au lait while sitting outside watching the passersby. Parc offers a perfect experience at any time of the day for any occasion.
I do love their Steak au poivre, done the traditional way, but I switch the garlic spinash with a Purée (mashed potatoes). For the French, finding good bread is very hard . Their baguette is great but I love the Pain de Campagne with nuts and Cramberries, served warm.
I do recomand their wine list. It is very complete and the selection is quite French traditional as well. I usually go for the Chateauneuf du Pape.
The staff is very very busy. However, they will bring you with great smiles, the pure brasserie service, with a touch of elegance. Go outside if the weather is nice. If you ever go to Parc on busy days, such as Mothers day, you will have to be very patient, so please make a reservation…
A bit of Paris, in Philadelphia.
Tel: 215 545 2262

Make your personal good choice.

I have been lucky to try a few restaurants with and without stars around a few countries. I just want to express that I do not follow anymore the food critics that tell you this one is the best as this is extremely subjective.

I was born in France and my Parents had a restaurant outside Paris. I went to study in (at the moment) the best school in the world for hotels and restaurants that was in Paris.

I am talking about the 60’s. This is maybe why I am old school guy. However I love cuisine from everywhere and not only French.

I am now very curious to discover more and more restaurants from very casual to highly sofisticated. My carreer started in the hight British Monarchy and I am used to top class service and cuisine.

I immediatly see a mistake in the table dressing or in the “Etiquette” and of course these lacks hurt me. I do not accept that man is served before a lady and that happened to our table in a high class restaurant in Paris where the Chef is world knowed.

Food wise, I am chocked that some critics call cuisine what is in fact an experience of molecular stuff that should not be called cuisine. I live since five years now in Mexico on the Riviera Maya. I have been invited by my boss to try the ephemeral restaurant Noma, in Tulum. The Chef was Mr Rene Redzepi who owns as well a  restaurant in Copenhagen Denmark and was titled “Best Chef in the world” for 4 years. The entire restaurant in Tulum was declared fully booked a year before it opened. It was installed there for only 7 weeks.

Outdoor sitting only but this is comun here. We arrived and were installed at a nice table that was near the kitchen. The kitchen was wide open (no walls) and we coud “enjoy”all the noise especially when the Chef was requesting an order and the entire brigade was shouting “Yes Chef“. This was extremely disturbing. Then no menu as it was a testing menu from the Chef and no wine list as is was a pairing dinner. I do not drink white wine nor beer. Hard luck for me… I only had a glass of Champagne but could not try the beer mixt with a homemade vinager that they prepared with branches of the local trees, not the troubled white wine. It was all weird drinks and I was dreaming of a nice red wine all night long. This was a 16 courses but of course just a spoon of each. Fantastic experience of savors but this was not Cuisine and we started with 4 mini flowers standing on ice. Seriously this was very strange but I must say kind of interesting. I only enjoyed two dishes the Caviar with an emultion of coconut and the hoyster, or so I usually do not like hoyster. Nothing else had my favor. The service was poor and too casual with no manners at all. Soon I got back home I cooked myself a dinner as I was starving. This meal was payed 700 dollars per person. Good thing I did not pay for it…

I once went to  the famous restaurant “La Cote Saint Jacques in France and this was spectacular. While everybody at the table was ordering Lobster or extremely expensive dishes, I noticed that on the menu was a blood sausage. I then thought that if a restaurant with Michelin stars offers such a comun dish it must be stunning so I ordered it. Oh boy ! This was something that I will always remember the all rest of my life as it was over my expectations. The service we received was inpeccable and very luxurious. Everything was awesome and the 4 of us enjoyed it so so much. The price per person was around 450 euros including awesome wines.

In New York, my favourites places are “Perry Street” and “La Grenouille”. The last one is a very traditional French cuisine that is great and the first one is a new cuisine but really stunning. In both of them the service is really nice.

I tryied many other restaurants in whole France. I did try a few in Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Malta, Portugal, Tahiti, Mexico and many places in the USA where everything was just perfect. Here in Playa del Carmen I adore this place “Oh Lala” and an other one that is closed now called “La Casa del Agua”. In all these restaurants the prices are hight but will never reach the “Noma”.

I do not know about you, but I have a important expectations of restaurants and accept to spend some money but at least I must be pleased and satisfied. I dream to try in New York the “Eleven Madison Park” and I know that one day I will.

I had once in a restaurant where I was one of the managers in Pennsylvania, A guest who talled me after his lunch : “This is the very best Macaroni and Cheese I ever had“> This guy was food critic on a local newspaper. Honestly ?

Make your own idea, you should know better what you like, and never follow the food critics that are only talking about their own taste.