Domaine Ott one of the very best French rose wine.

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In 1896 after a tour of France’s many vineyards, Marcel Ott, a young graduate in agronomy engineering from Alsace, finally found an estate that seduced and inspired him. For you to know, we are in Provence. the Mediterranean is lapping at the shore a mere stone’s throw away…

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Welcome to Angers, Loire Valley, France.

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In the heart of a city, it is possible to feel ‘away from it all’. In Angers, urban life co-exists in harmony with green space and water. With parks, pedestrian streets that meander through the historic districts and pathways alongside the river, they all beg to be explored. Take in the air, take in the view and make sure you visit the Parc Balzac, the Jardin du Mail, La Doutre and the area around the castle.

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Chateau de Meursault, France.

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The Cistercian monks knew what they were doing when they decided to use these lands for vineyards back in 1098. Chardonnay’s wine “icon”, Meursault comes from exceptional growing lands.”I need Meursault urgently that’s the one I prefer.” Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States. By ordering a Meursault Gouttes d’Or 1784 by M. Bachey, Thomas Jefferson, a true connoisseur, understood the various features of Burgundy: village, plot, vintage and owner.

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