Restaurant Loiseau des Vignes in Beaune (21), France.

Book your table. The Loiseau restaurants are very often full.

If you go to Beaune, not to far from the very famous ” Hospices de Beaune”, you should manage to have dinner at Loiseau des Vignes.

I must say that the service took a long long time, but the cuisine was totally unbelievable. You understand you are in a one star Michelin soon you try the foods. They offer you “a la carte” and various menus around wines, gastronomy or degustation.

The very best wines are there. You could get a pairing, regarding your menu.

The foie Gras and the dish with Escargots are really something. The Lamb with small mushrooms is divine.

Great experience for sure.

Loiseau des Vignes
31 Rue Maufoux, 21200 Beaune
Tel: +33 (0)3 80 24 12 06

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