La Familia Corleone is the new restaurant of Julia in Cancun.

Julia the owner, changed from ” Il Famosi Pasta” to this new awesome restaurant ” La Familia Corleone”. Location, decor, menu its all new but the most important is that the charming attentions from Julia and the quality of the foods are still there.

There is a lot of parking spaces around this restaurant that is located in a new part of the city of Cancun at Plaza Fontana. Soon you arrive, you will be nicely greated by the staff and you know that the owner did a good job in teaching them.

Just the tables and chairs did follow from the previous restaurant. Everything else is new. There is a lovely terrace surounded by plants or you can go inside where the AC will help some days…

Typicaly Italian cuisine and you will for sure enjoy a beautiful Beef Carpacio but not only. Everything on this menu need to be tasted. The Pasta are very delicious and ” Al Dente”. Pizza are stunning and all the other dishes were interesting.

Some nice bottles of wine and of course, beautiful and delicious desserts.

Cherry on the cake, is Julia that will come to check if you are pleased and will always spend time to have a very nice chat with all the clients. It really is a place where the word “Welcome” means something.

Xkat-iK amazing restaurant in Cancun.

For Father’s day, I decided that that my lunch should include a Lobster. Discovering a new place was as well in my mind. Anyway, most of the restaurants in the city were far much to busy so we found a very nice spot in the Zona Hotelera.

Xkat-ik is located by the Laguna with a confusing entrance where a Tour company is located for boat visit of the Jungle and the Laguna. Still they have a few spots where to park your car but you have to wave a server so he will open a space for you.

First impression is awesome, you enter in a big terrace open to a garden that opens to the laguna will all the boats waiting for vivitors. The waiter gave us our table after he welcomed us warmly. With the menus in our hands, we ordered some drinks and I went for a beautiful Margarita.

The menu is not huge and that is a good sign. Unfortunetly, no Champagne and a poor selection of wine. Finally we picked up a Cabernet Sauvignon that was descent !

We were three so one started to order a Shrimp cocktail, the second went to a delicious Lime soup and I got the Avocado Xkat-ik with Schrim and vegetables in a nice mayo-sauce. For the main courses, A Flank steack, a pork meat in a Molcajete and I had what I wanted, a Lobster. All theses dishes were really delicious and the three of us enjoyed so much our wonderful lunch.

No way to finish a meal without a dessert so a Chocolate caka nice Pie de Limon, just to make our sweet touth happy. At the end we found the bill to be very reasonable and far less that we were expecting. Even with the tip we added.

This was a very enjoyable Father’s day lunch. I would recomand this nice restaurant, and we will go back again asap.

Another great dinner at El Kincho.

Oh boy, it was a delicious and asesome dinner at El Kincho again and that is in Cancun.

I love the way the staff greats you soon you arrive. You can seat outdoor or indoor as you feel like. The decor is nice and everywhere you look, it is very clean.

El Kincho is an Argentinian restaurant so so for sure can expect great meat. The sides are all awesome. But to start, you should try the Enpanisadas that are really yummy.

We have for this dinner, enjoyed a very nice Malbec wine and the waiter was pooring it soon we needed.

Of course the meat is absolutely delicious. My partener ordered a Rib Eye when I go the beef filet (filet mignon in the US). We had some French fries on the side but as well some a la Provencal and this was a great surprise for me as it was unusual and very good. All mest come with a salad as well.

They have a nice selection of desserts but we ordered, the house one that is a warm Chocolate cake with Dulce de Leche, vanilla and Dulce de Leche ice cream and this was a dream. It is really generous so I suggest you order one for two prople to share…

This is a wonderfull restaurant that I recomand and we will go back again for sure.