Stunning Trinidad in Cuba.

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It’s easy to see why Trinidad has been called “the museum city of Cuba.” The meticulously preserved town offers a window into the past, from its sprawling colonial palaces and plazas to its remnants of sugar mills and slave barracks from another era. Soak up the rich Spanish colonial architecture by taking a stroll through the picturesque cobble stone streets of this very walkable city.

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Saint Cirq Lapopie,France.

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It is in the region Quercy, where tourist from abroad are not coming so often. Probably, the departement (as we say), is one of the most stunning and delighful in south of France. You will find some of the most authentic sites , cities and villages, some of the best cuisine and nothing bling bling, if you ever go to visit the “Lot”.

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Awesome “Evass restaurant” in Playa del Carmen.

Nearly hidden in a non touristic localisation of Playa del Carmen, this jewel is a really great place where to go. Go by car or take a cab, but you should not miss this beautifull restaurant. They offer an art galery on the upper level as well.

This restaurant is very well decorated an the staff is awesome. Warm welcome and attention to details at all time. We loved it.

The menu is purely Mexican hight level cuisine and some international to. They have an excellent wine selection to make you enjoy the moment you will spend at Evass.

The four of us started with some Tacos tostados to share while waiting for our main courses. This was beautiful and then, two got some delicious Hamburgers, one got the awesome pasta and I choosed the duck filet. All our dishes were really excellent.

The desserts were at the same level and my Chocolate with Mole Fondant was just divine. We finished with a lovely Tequila…

This was an stunning experience and for sure, they will see us again.

London is always a good idea.

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The Romans left at the beginning of the 5th Century as the Roman Empire crumbled, leaving London largely deserted. Britain was invaded by the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes (who came from Holland, Germany and Denmark). These “Anglo-Saxons” were farmers and tended to live outside big towns. We know very little about what happened to London in this period.

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Villandry Chateau and stunning Gardens.

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The Chateau of Villandry is the last of the great chateaux of the Loire built during the Renaissance in the Loire Valley. The sober elegance of its architecture combined with the charm of its outstanding gardens make this one of the jewels of world heritage.
The Ornamental Kitchen Garden is the high point of the gardens of Villandry, in a purely Renaissance style, with flowers and vegetables.
Villandry is one of the great chateaux built on the banks of the Loire during the Renaissance. It has the distinctive feature of being the residence of neither a king nor a courtesan, but of Jean Le Breton, Minister of Finance for François I. At Villandry, Jean Le Breton drew on his exceptional architectural experience acquired on a large number of sites, including the Chateau of Chambord, which he supervised and directed on behalf of the Crown over many years. When he arrived…

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