Chicken salsa Xcatic, so delicious.


Mexican cuisine is knowed to be very spicy. This is not always true, and all Mexicans do not eat spicy everyday. This “Pollo salsa Scatic” is a perfect sample of fine cuisine that will not burn your mouth.

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At the departement store “Liverpool” buffet restaurant in Playa del Carmen.


There are a lot of Departement stores “Liverpool” in Mexico. You will find them in all big cities. In Playa del Carmen, It offers you a restaurant and besides the classic menu, there is a buffet. Thats where we decided to go for a cheap and fast lunch. It will cost you less than 7 USD for one person…

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Traditional “Fiesta de la Musica” at Maison Pierre, in Playa del Carmen.


Every June 21, its a French tradition to have the “Fete de la Musique”. All kind of individuals or groups are authorised to sing and play music everywhere in all the country. Of course here in Playa del Carmen, it was not exactly the same but we had the opportunity to go out in a cafe “Maison Pierre”, in town to listen to music while having some food and drinks, and all of this was organised by the French Consulate.

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