I have been a Butler and a House manager for American families owning properties in France and the USA, for over eight years.

Now, I am the head Butler in a five stars hotel next to Tulum in Mexico, in charge of three prestige villas. When not working,I am living in the center of France, near the Loire valley, and would love to share with you all my experiences about what you need in a daily life. Restaurants, hotels, shopping, food shopping, visits the famous sites in France as well as those unknown by the tourists. Paris, Center France, Saint Tropez do not have a lot of secrets for me. I have traveled quite a lot around the world so I will let you know all my advices for travelling, restaurants, hotels, cooking, men shopping and few women purchases… Things about myself as well. French maners and Etiquette as well as “Savoir vivre“. My background to make me very safe and confortable about these is my degree from the highest Restaurants and Hotels school of Paris back in 1972 (long time ago…).I have taken care of many people in France and abroad, some of then very important or famous. I organised parties either for two or two hundred persons at my employers’ homes and had the great honor to get a few lessons from a master in America, very appreciated there and all around the world: Mr. Colin Cowie. Traveling by train second class to private jets or by car are in my carreer duties. Please feel confortable to contact me for any info you would need. Lets share what makes my carreer wonderful. Let’s enjoy.

C’est la vie !

casual uniform...


6 thoughts on “Presentation

  1. What an interesting life and a wonderful blog you have! 🙂 So pleased to meet you,
    thank you very much for following The world according to Dina, it’s much appreciated. And now I’m your new follower. 🙂
    Have a wonderful new week.
    Best regards from the North,


  2. Hello frenchideas,

    after reading some of your blogs I feel you would be able to answer a few questions of mine If you wouldn’t mind. 1. When are the best times to visit france? 2. You have spoke of many sites in your reagion, is there a tour or do you have any suggestions for visiting the Loire Vally?

    Thanks you, keep writing!


    • Hello Matthew,
      Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog. Glad you liked it.
      Spring, Summer and Autum are the best. But during the real season in summer it will be crowded in the main sites.
      Tours are easy to find in Paris. I suggest you hire a car and do manage by yourself, that will be much much better. I will be pleased to organise that for you at anytime.
      Keep follwing,


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