Private life needs respect.

Since France as a new President, I am really anoid and shocked by all I hear and read from all around the world about our first lady.

I am not at all in politic. I just react now on something that should remain a love story between two persons and should not be used for those who cannot leave without gossips.

Yes she is older than him. So what ? Is this your problem.

When a wife is much younger, is this your concern ?

We French, are use not to juge people by their private life. We only care that they do not use public money for their private life.

I will not here, display photo of Mrs Macron, but please note that she was a French literature teacher so obviously smart. I do find her more naturally classy specialy compare whith some who are complitely fake !

It is very nice to see that both Mr and Mrs Macron look very much in love and this calls respect.

I only wish that the new and young French President will do a good job. Do not forget he was not known three years ago.

I do myself date someone who is 40 years younger than me and thats why I understand their feelings.

For those around the world, France included, that do gossips about them : Please live them alone and happy, respect them like you would like the others to respect you.

I wish them the best.

“Blue Lobster” is a nice casual restaurant in Playa del Carmen.


In a smaller street than the “Quinta” avenue in Playa del Carmen, you will find a restaurant that wear an evocative name, the Blue Lobster.


They have a classical paper menu but the main idea is to pick up your dish on the big board they bring next to you.

Do not expect a really tremondous service. However the staff is very kind and helpfull.

Do not worry about the prices, they are in Mexican pesos so you should divide by 20 to understand it in Euros or USD. Gratuity is not included so add 10 per cent at the end like everywhere in Mexico. Credit cards are accepted.

Soon we have the occasion, we love to go there. Lobster of course is the main reason. The waiter will bring to you few different Lobster tails and you pick up the one you want regarding the size and the price. Then, choose the way you want it cooked. I always ask mine a la plancha and request that they take the shell away as it give me more room in my plate.


I love the vegetables Tempura as a start while you wait for your main dish. But the selection is really inreresting and for sure you will find something really pleasant.

Main dish wise, they offer you many other choices than Lobster.


Two desserts get my attention. The Lemon pie and the Cardamome Creme brulee.


Good wines are offered and not expensive compare with other restaurants.

We have the chance, as being locals, to get a discount of 10 per cent. Sorry for you guys.

Usually we pick a table on the outside so you can enjoy the brise coming from the ocean not far away.

You will find it on 5th avenue and 12th street.

Nothing fancy, just a really nice place for a cool meal with good foods.

Mexican cuisine is not only Tacos…


As a Butler, I was working for private employers, and one day one of my ex boss called. He bought a luxury hotel on the Riviera Maya. He invited me one month to see if I could enjoy the climate and take the position of managing two luxury villas that the hotel is renting to VIP guests. Completely under the charm, I easely accepted the chalenge. One of my biggest joy, is that the villas have a private Chef and I started to discover the Mexican cuisine.

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