My Chocolate tart.

This is the tart than all your friends will love as well.

Its very easy to make and goes very well with a coffee after a meal.

For the crust :

200 g of flour

100 g of butter

1 egg

40 g of sugar

a bit of salt.

For the garnish :

200 g of dark chocolate

30 cl of “creme fraiche”

8 cl of milk

1 egg.

Cut the butter in tiny pieces. Mix everything together for 1 minute. it must be homogeneous. Let it rest for an hour.

Pre-heat the oven at 180 C.

You must bake the crust alone for about 15 minutes first. I use beans to stop the crust to inflates.

Melt the chocolate with the creme fraiche and the milk. Let it cool down a bit when its perfectly melted.

When the crust is ready, mix the egg in the chocolate and then poor on the crust.

A little secret : I poor a soup spoon of expresso coffee in the garnish…

Let it bake for ten to 15 minutes.

I recomand you wait untill it cooled and then store it in the fridge for one hour before enjoying…


Montoire sur le Loir


At the heart of Ronsard country, Montoire is rich in heritage and history, ranging from its medieval castle to a meeting between Hitler and Petain. Do not miss the Saint-Gilles Chapel and its mural paintings.

The town of Montoire-sur-le-Loir is located on one of the most pleasant sections of the green Loir Valley. Chapel with frescoes, museum-show with traditional music, historic train station, fishing on the river, hillsides with varied vineyards, shaded woods, agriculture and animal husbandry offer you a wide range of tourist discoveries in a particularly welcoming, bustling town. 

What is good in the small town of Montoire is that there are so many sites around. Other tiny and lovely villages, or if you prefer the main sites like the Chateaux de la Loire, you are only 45 minutes away. So many privates chateaux to visit near by, gardens, museums and farms where the local products will please you.

People are charming there and they will try their best to help you to discover this beautiful region. You will enjoy the restaurants where nothing is too fancy but the quality of the foods and the prices are so nice.

In the summer time, many manifestations take place in Montoire. I went to an awesome classical concert played by a local orchestra of youth, it was extremely nice. The flee market is such a cool thing to explore, I found so many items there from silver to antique books. Twice a week, there is a food market on the main square and everything is there. I specially love the local cheeses.