Best deal to fly between Paris and New York.

For all flights between Paris Orly and New York, both JFK and Newark, I strongly recommand OPENSKIES.

This small airline is part of British airways, so you will get Avios (BA miles). Of course you will as well be welcome to use your Avios to get upgraded or simply get a mileage ticket.

With only three airplanes, the staff knows each other and provide such a warmer service. Beside that, you are only 92 passengers on board. That makes the things much easier.

You will find three classes on board.

The Biz Bed , Business class is similar to the British airways Club World. Only 20 of these fully flat bed seat are available. You will get a duvet, a pyjama, sleepers, and foods are much better. Little French touch with a Macaron from Laduree on the flights leaving Paris to New York.

The very best deal will be the Biz Seat, Premium economy. For me the best ever. Forget about the foods, you will get the same than in Economy class. The seats are large with a lot of leg room. It is only a 2X2 seating. All seats are made with leather. The price is far less than on an other airline and so much more confortable.

The Economy seats are a 3X3 configuration, leather seats, but very Economy seats. Foods are OK. At least you could get a very interesting price if you book in advance.

The service will surprise you. Foods and drinks are complimentary.The flight attendants are great. They are not stressed by a too big number of passengers and you will feel that, soon you get on board. The smile is there always. Attentions to details are provided with care. You will be using the BA lounges in both Paris and New York. I have a preference for the lounge in Newark. The chef cooks infront of you at the buffet. Menu changes very often and the quality is there. Good wine selection as well. When you fly from New York to Paris Orly, you must enjoy the dinner in the lounge and rest or sleep for a longer time on board.

My home is in the south of Paris. I refuse as much as I can, to fly from CDG. It takes far too much time when a 15 minutes ride takes me to Orly West. Much much more convinient. As well, Air France does not fly to Neward or Philadelphia where I was working, So, Openskies is a great chance for those like me, who are going south of New York, without going to cross the busy New York city. Train connexions in Newark airport are so easy.

I really love this airline. Good prices, great comfort and such a pleasant staff.

I strongly recommand !



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