Entertaining at home.

Sometimes it is stressfull. So here is a good tip, Try to cook some dishes that needs to be prepared the day before.

I make sure that the decor is different than last time if the same people are coming back. Table cloth, flowers, decors displayed on the table, candles, all must be different.

I usually lay the table in advance, and prepare the other plates and silver that I will need for all courses, in the kitchen.

I think of what we will do first. Ok, drink in the sitting room, so get the glasses ready on a tray. Ice cubes ready, Nuts or hors d’oeuvres ready.Cocktail napkins ready. Flowers ready. Just have to light the candles before they arrive…

Then the meal. Appetizers need plates, ok they are on the table, on top of the chargers. Bread basket ready in the kitchen and some butter on the side plates. I open the wine and do not forget a bottle of water. Salt and pepper are there, fine.

I will just have to light the candles before my guests come in the dinning room. Then check in the kitchen if I have the plates for entrees and cheese and dessert ready with their cuttlery. Take the cheeses out of the fridge. Heat the food.

Now take it easy. You are ready to start and welcome your guests. just enjoy and that will be a very good time for them and you.

Bon Appétit.



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