British Airways First class.

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Finally a real warm, chic and friendly First class {cheaper than the others).

British airways offers four different classes on most of their long haul flights. Economy, premium economy, business that they call “club world”, and First class. 14 or 8 suites will welcome you with this pure British charming comfort, but never the horrible too much of bragging stuff ( I am not telling the names of these airlines…)

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Enjoy your dinner alone.

A nice dinner setting on a small table and there you feel more confortable.


For a long year, I was living on my own in a vast appartement in the contryside next to the Loire valley. However I enoyed to discover new recipes that I was improving before cooking it for my guests.

I had such a great time to take this opportunity to use the different chinaware, silverware and glasses that I have. It was a very good moment for me to feel happy even on my own.

From Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, I used to force myself at the beginning and soon after it came naturally that a nice table setting and good cuisine with some nice wine were the things I needed.

So please lets consider this and please yourself, I am sure you have a dishwasher so do not worry…

During my carreer, I always had to take care of the others and suddenly it was time to take care of me and to enjoy what I had purchased during so many years. I was able to use my service dishes in Sterling silver as well as my fine China. My delicate glasseware was going to be used !

If you ever feel kind of sad to be on your own, do it and then you will see how life is beautiful. Force yourself to the best.

Le Petit Trianon at Versailles.

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This little pleasure home, was intended as a gift for Louis XV’s maîtresse en titre, Madame de Pompadour that paragon of elegance and ambition. The next lord of Versailles, Louis XVI, bestowed the retreat upon his teenage queen, Marie Antoinette, who spent some of her happiest hours there.

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