Château de Courtanvaux (72), France.

So different than the others, so unknown and never on the touristic list, the Château of Courtanvaux is such a pleasant and romantic castle where you should go and give this place a visit.11165325_10206632222513719_258848221846772251_n

Belonging to the city of Besse sur Braye, this castle is located on the border of the Sarthe and the Loir et Cher.

It was built in the XV and XVI centuries, It as been subject to succesive enlargement and restored in the XIX century. Sparkling and modern interiors for those days, the chateau will seduce you, and you will feel what money and power could do in the XIX century. The mix between nature and culture is a sign of a very confortable life that the owners were sharing with all the nobles families of the region. This very high aristocratic family, the Montesquiou, was very close to Napoleon 1st. The chateau of Courtanvaux sets in a magnificent landscape of courtyards, gardens and ground spanning some 70 hectares. The chateau is the flagship of the neo-Gothic design in the area. The richly decorated Renaissance rooms alone are worth the trip.

The all site is made around the small and the big chateaux. The small chapel is not to be missed. Spend time in those gardens, terraces and just relax, you will feel home.

Cheap to get in, 5 euros, and thank you to Céline for the extremely interesting guided tour.

Château de Courtanvaux

72310 Besse sur Braye

Tel: +33 (0)2 43 35 34 43

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