Chateau Angelus,when elegance comes in a glass.

The estate has been owned by the Boüard de Laforest family since the Domaine de Mazaret was bequeathed to Comte Maurice de Boüard de Laforest in 1909, and expanded by the acquisition of Clos de L’Angélus in 1926 and a plot from Château Beau-Séjour Bécot in 1969.

The name refers to the three Angelus bells audible from the vineyards, coming from the chapel at Mazerat, the church in Saint-Martin de Mazeret and Saint-Émilion.

Hubert de Boüard de Laforest joined the family business at Angélus in 1976 having concluded studies under Émile Peynaud at the Faculté d’Oenologie in Bordeaux. Along with several modernising changes, the practice of maturing in new oak was begun in 1980. The estate was classified as a Premier grand cru classé since 2012, (was previously a Premier grand cru classé since 1996), and was before that classified as Grand cru classé. But according to research of journalist Isabelle Saporta, Hubert de Boüard is judge and jury in the preparation of the classification. In 2018, the co-owner Hubert de Bouard has been charged with seeking to unfairly influence the outcome of the coveted Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé rankings in his favour. 

Angélus is currently managed by Hubert de Boüard, with the consultancy of the famous oenologist Michel Rolland.


The estate consists of 23.4 hectares with a grape variety of 51% Merlot, 47% Cabernet Franc and 2% Cabernet Sauvignon. The annual production averages 10,000 cases of the Grand vin and 1,000 cases of the second wine.

Carillon d’Angélus was first released in the 1987 vintage. Over the years it has acquired its very own identity. Reflecting the high, rigorous standards of our teams, the wine is a variable blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon selected from different Saint-Emilion terroirs. The vinification and ageing techniques are adapted with precision to its particular style. It is highly appreciated for the purity of its fruit aromas, its velvety tannins and elegant finish.

Drinking or just tasting some of this stunning wine is a real privilege to happy few.

British Airways First Class.

Finally a real First class cheaper than the others.

British airways offers four different classes on their long haul flights. Economy, premium economy, business that they call “club world”, and First class. 14 or 8 suites will welcome you with this pure British charming comfort, but never the horrible too much of bragging ( I am not telling…)

After a moment in the superb “Concorde room” at Heathrow airport, it will be time for boarding.

Laurent Perrier Grand siècle champagne to welcome you on board. And not only one glass…

All you expect of a first class suite is there. the electric curtons to close your set of two windows, the large screen, the fully flat bet with duvet and so on. The elegant attendants will guide you for the choice of your delicious meal as well as selecting the wines. They will turndown your seat into a bed while you change your clothes for a nice pyjama. “Sir, would you like me to wake you up for breakfast?”. Pure British breakfast… honestly , what else ? And what about the afternoon tea…



Use your “One World” miles to get upgraded, Get an upgrade at Heatrow airport or when you buy the ticket, but just try it.

Its is very hard to travel otherway soon you have tryed the BA first class.


Palm Beach in Florida.

The island of Palm Beach is home to legendary resorts, exquisite mansions and historic landmarks. Lined with stately palm trees, the shopping nirvana of Worth Avenue is known worldwide.

Palm Beach Island’s Gilded Age architecture will captivate, as will the chic restaurants and a winter highlight, the Palm Beach Food & Wine Festival. Golf here affords views along the Atlantic Ocean, the Intracoastal Waterway and Lake Worth Lagoon. Palm Beach has a way of making any visitor feel privileged.

It may have more than 47 miles of pristine beaches, but the crown jewel of Palm Beach County, FL, is, without a doubt, exclusive Palm Beach — a 14-mile long, half-mile-wide island of wealth and extravagance. Winter home to the Vanderbilts, the Kennedys, the Rockefellers and a slew of newly minted millionaires, Palm Beach features some of Florida’s finest hotels, restaurants and shops, as well as, of course, a selection of beautiful beaches.

Most impressive are the area’s palatial homes. They’re not easy to see as they have privacy fences,  unless you can somehow catch an aerial view. But you can get a taste of Palm Beach’s luxury at any number of 5-star hotels, first-rate restaurants and super-snoby shops. From the legendary Breakers to the ever-ritzy Ritz-Carlton, there’s no shortage of top-notch lodgings for those who don’t mind paying for a little pampering. For the palate, there’s a host of culinary options, from fine dining to the local deli. And to help empty your pocketbook, Palm Beach offers a quarter-mile of high-end spending spots along Worth Avenue.

If all this has you checking your bank balance, keep in mind that while the upper-crust options are concentrated in Palm Beach proper, just across the waterway is West Palm Beach, where ample — and less pricey — lodging, dining and entertainment options await.


Restaurant Madre Tierra in Playa del Carmen.


There we are many restaurants in the center of the city, right on the Quinta (avenida 5), but a calm restaurant appears on the second floor, “Madre Tiera”.

On the street level, a cute hostess welcomes you very nicely. You can as well check the menu there.

The dinning room is on the second floor. It is very nice and a bar takes place in the center of the room. You are above the very busy Quinta, however in a quiet place.

We ordered a bottle of Mexican wine. This one we did not know before and that as been a very good surprise.


While waiting for our main course, we decided to have some Guacamole. I can tell you that one for two is enough. The waiter comes with a trolley and prepare it for you next to your table. He did a very good job, we loved it.

Then, that night we decided to be soft and both ordered a Filet Mignon (beef filet). I requested the one with the wine sauce and requested as well some French fries. I just needed to feel French for a moment…

The steacks were excellent and my wine sauce was more than beautiful.

Of course on the menu you have very nice offers of different dishes.

The sweatest moment was reached: dessert. I felt in love before with the three chocolates mousse, so this was my selection again.


This restaurant is a very awesome place right in the center of Playa del Carmen.

“El Atrio” in Valadolid.


Not so visited by the tourist, the city of Valadolid is a busy place.

So if you go there, a nice casual restaurant El Atrio will offer you a quiet courtyard for your meals.


Not a flashy place so do not miss the entrance. It is the first one on the left when you are facing the church.

I recommend that you have your lunch or dinner in the courtyard. It is so peaceful there under the trees. A water fountain will give you the right cool atmosphere you need.


Nice local beers, good wines and as well beautiful food.

I had a amazing Melted Cheese with Chorizo and Mushrooms. The Cocinita Pibil is awesome. A very nice Chicken salsa Xcatic will please you. ou could get as well the traditional Guacamole or an excellent Ceviche.

Half of the courtyard is non smoking, that makes it nice for everyone.