Hotel “Le Quatorze”, Figeac 46, France.


In France, we have much more than just the city of Paris, Normandie and the Riviera.

In case you would like to discover our country, our authentic cuisine, history and countryside, go to all the other parts of France.

One of them, is the Lot (46). Country of Foie Gras, wonderful charcuterie and confits, Continue reading

The Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France.

The Musée d’Orsay, housed in the old Orsay railway station, witch was saved from destruction in 1970, by a combination of timely publicity, ideality of location (opposite the Louvre Museum), and architectural innovation, contains one of the most magnificient collections of 19th and early 20th century art in the world. Continue reading

Le Château de Pray, Charge (37), France.

Nesting in a wood, perched on the terraced slopes overlooking the Loire river, the Château de Pray, named after Geoffroy de Pray in 1244, is truly majestic. The towers bear witness to its past role as a stronghold.

Early 1900’s, the wife of the well known French writer Alphonse Daudet lived at Pray. Private residence since the 18th century. Continue reading

Gardens of Le Plessis Sasnieres (41), France.

Such a peacefull place near by Montoire sur le Loir, where I live.

It is in the Loire valley that the gardens were famous under the kings during all periods of the French history.

This is a wonderfull private garden open to public in 1996. The flowers are so great, the manucured bushes, with very interresting shapes are wonderfull. Continue reading

Domaine des Hauts de Loire , Onzain (41), France

Located on the wine road and at the heart of Loire castles in the midst of greenery, the Domaine des Hauts de Loire welcomes nature lovers that dream of retiring in a haven where a cosy and warm atmosphere dominates. A four star establishment, this “Relais & Châteaux” has become a true institution of French tourism. Continue reading

The wonderful city of Puebla, Mexico.


Legend has it that once the building of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral came to a close, right on the heart of the city of Puebla, the question of how to raise an 18,000 pound bell to the top of its towers (the highest ones in Latin America) came about. This question caused sleepless nights for the engineers and construction workers. It looked like an impossible task. Continue reading

La Casona de la China Poblana, Puebla, Mexico.

Everyone goes to the beaches of Mexico. Do you know, that Mexico offers much much more ?

The city of Puebla, two hours away from Mexico city, is a beautiful and safe historical place. It is the city of museums, churches, and historical buildings. The city is full of life. Next to Puebla, go to Cholula and visit the famous pyramid.

You will find a lot of very good restaurants in the city, walking distance from the hotel.

I discovered this boutique hotel, right in the center that is worth the trip. La Casona de la China Poblana. Continue reading

The Holy Trinity Abbey in Vendôme (41), France.

The building of the minster was as rapid, some thisty years, as it was ambitious. All that remains of this hige construction (70 meters) lais out in the shape of a Latin cross in 1060-70 are the transept walls. Other features show the embellishment of the abbey in the 12 th century, like the “window of our Lady”, the frescos in the chapter house and the bell tower. Continue reading