The city of Love :Paris


With upwards of 12 million inhabitants, the greater metropolitan area of Paris is home to almost 19% of France’s total population (central Paris counts just under 2.2 million souls).

No other city in the world will offer you the same. Culture, best cuisine in the world, fashion, perfums, architecture, museums, monuments and elegance.


Of course sometimes tourists will think the People are arrogant, but that only happens when you know nothing about the way of life of the locals, and as well if you do not know the French culture. We think the same about locals of other cities and countries. Just go beyond that and understand that we love our tourists and we are please to WELCOME you in Paris and in France as well.

I recently heard that there are too many problems in Paris. Let me tell you something, there are less injured persons in Paris than in many cities of many countries even in the USA.



Enjoy our way of life please and take the maximum of what the city of lights and city of love as to offer you.

If you walk in the streets with your cup of coffee, people will look at you. Please do not walk away from a cafe or a bar with your glass. Please do not be loud. Try to say “Bonjour”. We have our European money so stop thinking your currencies will be usefull or accepted. In the French maners, we take our hats off in front of a lady and as well inside a home. You will be amazed that the huge majority of the French are not religious. Most of the people will not be abble to tell you at what time the service will be…

You will appreciate the finest cuisine in the world, and we feel weird to see somebody drinking soda with their meals. Wine or water should be appropriate.

Shopping in Paris is a dream. From little stores to departement stores you will be thrilled. All prices must be in the window and all our prices are tax included. If you buy in one store for a minimum of 200 euros, please ask for a tax refund. You will have to get that paper stampted but the last EU custom when you return home. The amount will then be credited to your credit card.

Do not think you can visit Paris in a few days. So many museums to see. All of them are so different. Of course the Louvre is the most popular one due to the famous “Joconde”.

We have two Opera house in Paris. The oldest one the “Palais Garnier” is for the ballets when the one at “Bastille” is for Opera. Many other wonderful concert halls will offer you different music and you will for sure find yours.


Its really great to visit some of the monuments of the city. Of course do not miss the sparkling lightening of the “Eiffel Tower”, this is a must. When I welcome friends from abroad, I take them to the top of the “Montparnasse Tower”, the view is fantastic. As well you will not queue as much than at the “Eiffel Tower”, and you will enjoy to see her completely.

If you can, you should cruise on the river Seine. Visiting Paris on a double deck bus is certainly not a bad idea.

I have to apologize to you as our taxi drivers are not the best. Try to know exactly where you are going and ask your hotel concierge to write the address for you. We usually tip them a few euros but not too much. Lets say from 2 to 5 euros regarding the distance. They rarelly accept credit cards !

Speaking of tips, its included usualy but we still give one. Once again its not a pourcentage but just understand that it is under your discretion. Only do it in Bars, restaurants, hotels and cabs.

Hope you will visit this wonderful city, and that you will have a tremondous time.











2 thoughts on “The city of Love :Paris

  1. In addition to the Bastille and Garnier opera houses, I have also seen excellent opera performances at the Théâtre du Châtelet (currently closed for renovation work), the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, the Opéra Comique (Salle Favart) and the Athénée Théâtre Louis-Jouvet. Paris is really one of the world’s greatest cities for opera fans.

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