Casa del Agua, very nice restaurant in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.


In Playa del Carmen, on the Quinta or 5th avenue, at the corner of the 2nd street, you will find this restaurant who is worth the try.

The hostess will take you to the second floor where the main room is. Some table at next to the fence and you could enjoy the view on the tourists walking along 5th avenue.


Great place for a casual fine dinner.

Service is excellent and the staff smile a lot. They will be here to care about you along your meal. Serving wine, making sure not to take away your plate if someoene at your table as not finish and remove the salt and pepper before your dessert is served.

The food are really awesome, we have tryied the Green Ceviche, the Cichinita Pibil, followed by some great Short Ribs and the amazing Strudel de Camarones.























Dessert are delicious, and its not that commun in Mexico.


The selection of wine is spectacular but carreful it could go up to 63000 Pesos, 3150 USD.



It as been an extremely beautiful dinner and I warmly recomand that you try it.

They offer as well a Terrace at the roof garden.



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