I hate snow.

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Never mind the fact that not only is it bitterly cold, it is also wet, but what about the fact that it is dangerous and nearly impossible to drive in? To me, people who get excited about accumulations of snow are equivalent to those who enjoy drinking sour milk, camping, or getting a paper cut from a thick piece of cardstock. So let me share the reasons why I hate snow.

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Mc Carthy’s Pub in Playa el Carmen, Mexico.


McCarthy’s Irish Pub is a Mexican chain. This bar/restaurant serves up yummy wings, hamburgers, and live rock music every single night starting at 6 pm.

They are nicely located right on 5th Ave. at 22nd St. and offer daily lunch specials and other specials as well, like 49 peso 1 liter of Mexican beer on Wednesdays and two for one hamburgers on Tuesdays. McCarthy’s Irish Pub is open daily from 2 pm to 2 am.

We decided to go there for some hamburgers and sliders. Nice sitting area outdoor and happy hours seduced us.


The service as been really bad. it took 45 minutes to get the food and that is because I went three times inside to claim. A other weird thing is that I went again to request a knife as we wanted to share, the server said that he was going to bring it to us but I decided to wait for it and that was an other ten minutes.

Usually they come fast when you wish to pay the bill but 20 minutes after we went to the bar to pay. First time in my life, I did not leave a tip as the experience was really bad. The restaurant was not crowded and I just do not get why it was so desorganized. Too bad as the sliders were good…

The music is really loud so if you want to have a conversation you might want to try another place.