Saint Cirq Lapopie,France.

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It is in the region Quercy, where tourist from abroad are not coming so often. Probably, the departement (as we say), is one of the most stunning and delighful in south of France. You will find some of the most authentic sites , cities and villages, some of the best cuisine and nothing bling bling, if you ever go to visit the “Lot”.

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Villandry Chateau and stunning Gardens.

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The Chateau of Villandry is the last of the great chateaux of the Loire built during the Renaissance in the Loire Valley. The sober elegance of its architecture combined with the charm of its outstanding gardens make this one of the jewels of world heritage.
The Ornamental Kitchen Garden is the high point of the gardens of Villandry, in a purely Renaissance style, with flowers and vegetables.
Villandry is one of the great chateaux built on the banks of the Loire during the Renaissance. It has the distinctive feature of being the residence of neither a king nor a courtesan, but of Jean Le Breton, Minister of Finance for François I. At Villandry, Jean Le Breton drew on his exceptional architectural experience acquired on a large number of sites, including the Chateau of Chambord, which he supervised and directed on behalf of the Crown over many years. When he arrived…

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Le Domaine des Hauts de Loire.

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Located on the wine road and at the heart of Loire castles in the midst of greenery, the Domaine des Hauts de Loire welcomes nature lovers that dream of retiring in a haven where a cosy and warm atmosphere dominates. A four star establishment, this “Relais & Châteaux” has become a true institution of French tourism.

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Montoire sur le Loir


At the heart of Ronsard country, Montoire is rich in heritage and history, ranging from its medieval castle to a meeting between Hitler and Petain. Do not miss the Saint-Gilles Chapel and its mural paintings.

The town of Montoire-sur-le-Loir is located on one of the most pleasant sections of the green Loir Valley. Chapel with frescoes, museum-show with traditional music, historic train station, fishing on the river, hillsides with varied vineyards, shaded woods, agriculture and animal husbandry offer you a wide range of tourist discoveries in a particularly welcoming, bustling town. 

What is good in the small town of Montoire is that there are so many sites around. Other tiny and lovely villages, or if you prefer the main sites like the Chateaux de la Loire, you are only 45 minutes away. So many privates chateaux to visit near by, gardens, museums and farms where the local products will please you.

People are charming there and they will try their best to help you to discover this beautiful region. You will enjoy the restaurants where nothing is too fancy but the quality of the foods and the prices are so nice.

In the summer time, many manifestations take place in Montoire. I went to an awesome classical concert played by a local orchestra of youth, it was extremely nice. The flee market is such a cool thing to explore, I found so many items there from silver to antique books. Twice a week, there is a food market on the main square and everything is there. I specially love the local cheeses.

La vie de Chateau.


In my career, I had the chance to work for a family who owned a Château in the Loire vallee in France. This property is huge and five persons were there working all year long. Three of us who travel from the US to manage and help in summer as they invited some guests.

We would be there in June, July and September. Of course we did a few trips during the year as our base was in Philadelphia.

On site, we had an organic garden with not less than 30 different kings of tomatos from white to black ones. A barne for 8 horses with a fantastic ring. Their son was at the time a horse rider specialised in jumping. We had around thirty hens, chicken, guenea hens, quails and so on. None of the animals were for cooking but just for fun as they were rare for some of them, and of course for fresh eggs.

Horses were oftenly hosted, of course extremely nice champions.

The whole property is 74 hectares and the main part are woods where in the season we could find mushrooms and one year we got over 150 kilos of Portobellos.

We had to prepare a lot of flowers arrangements in this home and had a flower garden were all sorts were available. Of course regarding the season…

All the cooking was home made, pastries and sweets as well. Only the bread was not, but extremely good bakeries are in the village next to this place.

During our stay, some Nobles, ex President and lots of family and friends were welcome. Dinner was a bit sofisticated and lunch was not so casual.

As the owners were American, we use to celebrate the 4th of July with a big party for them and the whole staff. After the dinner, some nice fireworks at the ring {to avoid a bad surprise}…

Tables were always nicely organised and realy rich, Superb Fine China, some antics, cristal glasses and siver plated cutlery. Linen was very precious and I had so much various kind that changing tables setting everydays was easy.

It was a long and hard day everytime we stayed at the Château, but we had a lot of fun and every time we had no guests, my boss would take us out to the restaurants around.

I must say that with twelve bedrooms , three salons and two dinning room plus a tv room we did have some work to do !

I had a two bedrooms appartement in the attic and three homes for staff were available for the permanent employees.

It is not possible to visit this superb Château as it is a private home.