French love cheese.

First, it is surprising for us that raw milk cheese is not allowed in many countries. We just do not understand as nobody died because of cheese in France since so many centuries. That must be a kind of protection to the local “cheese” that these countries produce…

The all thing is in about the magic of a meal and for us it is extremely important to cook and please our friends and family with the best of what we have, Sitting at a table for a lunch or a dinner is a kind of religious thing. We usually offer a appetizer, a main course and then a green salad and some cheeses followed by a dessert. We do take time for a meal. We had previously laided a nice table and after an aperitif we invite our guests to go to the table. (no phone please).

Before all of that we went to the market or our favourite stores to purchase what we need to make sure you will get the very best. So buying cheese is part of the shopping. I must confess that most of the cheese store are so pretty. The selection we get to please you must be completed by some various cheeses. Let say three different will be the minimum. Of course some beautiful bread and great wine to go with.

We always go for soft cheeses and for sure get at least a strong one for the amateurs. Sometimes the cheeses are pricy and we believe it is an honor to offer you them. We make sure that our kids try everything and they will make later on their own choice. But they tried. I heard few times, some tourists saying “I do not like chesse”. When you then ask “Have you tried?” the answer was no. So why do you say that you do not like it if you have never tryied. During my career as a butler, I had a very famous American guy who requested to try a few real cheeses. He felt in love and even went to the strongest one. I was thrilled.

I do love nearly all of them. I miss them so much as I do now spend my life in Mexico. I did miss them when I was living in the US. When I do return to France for a trip I then do an orgy of cheeses.

my favorite…

Once more, nobody died because of the cheeses and I suggest to you to try them when you will visit France.

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