Eric Kayser, Mexico.

Since 4 years, I am living and now retired in Mexico on the Riviera Maya. All French, travelling in the world, will miss Cheeses, Bread and desserts. Having a week-end in Cuidad Mexico (Mexico city), I discovered this great French Boulangerie Patisserie.


It was a huge surprise for me and of course I had to try it.

Such a wonderfull experience. I was dreaming of a good baguette, some tremondous pastries and many more surprises. I had them all here in this place that is so famous in Paris.

Small shop next to the Zocalo and later in the day, a absolutely fantastic tea lounge and restaurant that we discovered on avenida Reforma. They are as well everywhere in the airport.

I started with a Financier, a mini Croissant and a mini Pain au Chocolat. I was complitely transported into Paris with just a bite.


The next day we decided to go to their restaurant for a brunch. Where I live, there is a lot of humidity that ruins the work of the bakers. In Ciudad de Mexico, there is none so the bakery and pastries are like in Paris. That make a lot of a difference and it is so enjoyable.


The place is elegant with very helpfull staff, taking care of you in such a nice way. In a grey and white ambiance, you will relax and enjoy the delightfull pastries, drinking a wonderfull coffee , tea or hot chocolate. Fresh pressed Orange juice.

I first had a double expresso with some “tartines”, excellent baguette with just a bit of butter. I followed with divine Croissants. Got a real Croque Madame after.


Could not stop as I was thrilled.

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