Retired in Mexico, Riviera Maya.

How is it really ?

Well it is amazing to live here where the sun, the sea, the sites and monuments are surrounding you every day. The people are great and racism does not exist here. Still you must respect the rules and the population. It is fantastic to share the life of these people who are happy with so little. Always ready to help and advise you as well as explaining things and how to make your life easier. Of course I am a resident and not a tourist. It is very bad to see how some of them are not giving any respect to the locals and they believe the Mexican are at their disposal.

Anyway, for my part , in Cancun, I am retired and my small French pension is multiplied by 24 so in fact I make enough good money to live here. My partner and I are renting a new two floors, two bedrooms house with a patio in the back where my Orchids grow, for 4000 pesos. That is less than 170 euros or 220 usd per month and for that price, we are far from the center in a popular zone. All our neighbors are so nice and here they all say Hi to everybody. Water, gas or electricity is so affordable as well. Health care is nothing compair with the years I was living in the US.

Foodwise, from very cheap to very expensive, you find nearly everything. All foods are fresh and at home or in a restaurant, you always enjoy your meals. Most of the tourist believe that you only find Tacos, Burritos, Guacamole and Pico de Gallo but this is not only what the Mexican cuisine is. There is a lot lot more and it is easy to find very elaborated dishes. You just have to try. We go out so often and always try to go to a new place. International restaurants are ready to welcome you as well and for all kind of budget.

Regarding what to do, the beach of course but so many cultural sites and beautiful cities full of historical buildings. It is always very colorfull and that shows you why Mexicans are so joyfull all year long. At the moment of course, we all wear masks and this is mandatory even outside. Please note that in a bar or a restaurant you always tip 10 per cent minimum. There are many affordable houses to rent for vacations or small hotels and if you can avoid the huge all-inclusive resorts, you will be abble to appreciate a wonderfull country, stunnind people and great culture. Even notice than I am always delighted soon I see Mariachis, they are the soul of Mexico.

Joy everyday is my new life since 2015, no regrets no turning back just enjoying.

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