Surprising new restaurant in Cancun “El Kincho”.

We went to try this new place and in fact it was the grand opening. Argentinian meat in an awesome modern decor. We have been lucky as we got the last table.

The menu offers you a lot of Argentinian dishes and we started by 4 different Empanadas that were all really delicious. Of course after, some stunning Argentinian meat. You must be carreful, the portion are huge…

I went for a Beef filet (filet mignon) and ordered some Spinach a la creme to go with it. My friend ordered a fantastic Rib Eye. both dishes came with a nice salad on the side. We had two wonderful Argentinian sauces on the table but I forgot the names…

We had a nice bottle of wine to go with our dinner, wine from Argentina of course.

The server was a very adorable young lady and she greeted us with an excellent service and her beautiful smile. Then the owner came and recommended a dessert that is his wife’s recipe. Home made biscuits with a Dulce di leche ice cream, Dulce di leche and some grounded nuts. This was really awesome but to be honest, we had a hard time to finish

This restaurant “El Kincho is worth the try and we are wishing them a huge success in Cancun. You have the choice between a nice terrace or to seat inside. We look forward to go back…

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