Don Sirloin is now open in Cancun.

Don Sirloin, the very well known chain of Tacos restaurants in Playa del Carmen, just opened one in Cancun.

It is not a fancy restaurant but the Tacos, Buritos and more are excellent. This is a wide open restaurant with few space to park your car. It is not in the Hotel Zone but you will find them on Avenida Huayacan.

We were going somewhere else but soon we saw it we changed out plans. The staff is pleasant and take good care of you, that is nice. It was the first day they opened. My friend ordered Tacos al Pastor and I had a Burito Don Sirloin. Some wine to go with our lunch and this was a very nice moment.

Some dessert and some Tequila to finish our cool and delicious lunch. It was very nice to find a place where we used to go often when we were living in Playa del Carmen. We shall go again…

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