Food market in France…

For the French people, food is a religion. We love to entertain our friends and our family. Then cuisine good fresh products and prepare a nice lunch or dinner is our way of life.

We always prefer organic food and for this, going to the market is a duty that becomes a pleasure.

Everything is there, fish, seafood, meat, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, bread, pastries and so much more.

Most of the time it is cheaper than in a supermarket and usually such a better quality.

It is a real show of colours and flavours and if you have no idea of what to cook, you will for sure get ideas while visiting the local market. Socializing is easy at the local market.

The offer is so large that for sure you will discover few things that you did not know before. And you do not know how to prepare or cook all that you find there, ask to the vendors they will always be pleased to advise you.

There are between two to three markets per week in most of the cities and villages in the whole country of France.

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