I Famosi Pasta, Italian charm in Cancun.


68248108_10219655345763661_2277679534264287232_nIf you like these places where you feel home or if you need to feel home soon you arrive, you must go and visit Julia in her so charming Italian restaurant in Cancun.

Cancun is full of chain restaurants or huge places where you do not always feel under the charm. I Famosi Pasta will please you totally.

Just a few tables both outdoor and inside. You enter to a local restaurant like in a small village in Italy. Homemade is the key word here.

The owner Julia will make sure you feel good in the restaurant she opened with love. Foods are awesome and I cannot tell you what is the best. Feel free to choose the type of pasta you like with the different ways you would love them to be prepared. You will find on the menu, more food than pasta, but honestly I enjoy them so so much…

Desserts are top and the Panacota is a dream. I like the Tiramisu as well and I haven’t try them all… Yet !

It is more like an “Artisan” and family restaurant where you do not wish to leave as you feel so confortable. The foods are as good as the warm welcome that Julia and her team will offer you.

I apologize for the bad quality of my pictures.

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