I love Lobster.

I Love Lobster. This is a fantastic dish and what ever way it is prepared, it is always awesome.

From cold with a Mayonnaise, homemade of course, to a Thermidor or Flambee I just enjoy this delicious sea food.


The very very best I ever had the chance to enjoy was in an island south of Tahiti, in Tubuai. We made a fire on the beach. We went to fish some lobster and grilled them on the fire soon out of the water. Just cooked in their sea water left in the shell. Oh boy this was such a chance to eat the most fresh and delighful one. I cannot take this out of my memory.

Simply grilled is an other great way to enjoy a Lobster. Make a delicious Mayonnaise and you could for those who like it add some garlic in it. But this is an easy way to start a dinner without been all the time in the kitchen if you are having guests.

Here in Mexico, I had the chance to work with Chef Jorge who made the Lobster tail in a Pepper crust and I must say that this was one of the best I had.  It was not too spicy and the combination was excellent.


The sauce Termidor way is awesome but I remember an other recipe that was stunning. When I started my carreer (long time ago), And working in Corsica, the Chef used to flamb the Lobster with a mix of a third of Pastis, a third os Scotch and an other one of Cognac. This was more than excellent.

You could use the leftover of your Lobster in a salad or like here when they do “Taquitos de Langusta”, you can have some lobster in your pastas or your rice. You can use the shell to prepare a sauce or a bisque soup.

You see, Lobster is not only delicious but is as well easy to cook. Your guests will be thrilled and you shall enjoy a really great dish.



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