Restaurant Carboncitos in Playa del Carmen.


Out of the main 5th avenue on 4th street, you will find this nice restaurant Carboncitos. Cash only but the prices are reasonable.

Try to get an outdoor table so you can enjoy the music bands on the street. If you order some cocktails, the server might bring them to you on his head…


Foods are very nice. Mainly Mexican cuisine with some really typical local dishes like the Relleno Negro.


The Tortilla soup is great. The melted cheese “Queso fundido” is excellent. We had as well the Cochinita Pibil that is lovely and my Chichen Relleno Negro, hot and spicy was awesome.

They carry a very nice selection of wine and of course we picked up a beautiful Mexican one.

Very pleasant waiters that really take good care of you. That makes a big diference.

We did enjoy very much this restaurant were we have been before and took our British friends there. They loved it as well.

Midium range of prices, you should try it ! They only accept cash …


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