What is a good manager ?

I remember my Parents telling me : You cannot say to your employees that their work is bad if you cannot do it yourself”.

Since a few years now, we get these young managers coming out of school with a lot of professional degrees, but no experience. Their lack of professional life is really obvious. So most of them (not all), are compensing with a stupid attitude and most of the time saying : I do not like this, or worst : I do not care. This is the most ridiculous answer.

That is such a awfull way to manage. First. A manager that yell at employees infront of others or worst infront guests, are automaticaly wrong ! I always worked in luxury business and I was always surprised by some staff not being at the right place. Please do not get me wrong, we need all king of workers, I am not saying the contrary. But be at the right place or learn how to get there. A manager should decide one thing that will be perfect at first. Changing their mind every two days, proves that this manager do not know what he or she is doing.

Lies are not helping to. Saying that the employees are all wrong or bad, will not help. Just realise how many turn over in your employees happened. Do you believe that 30 people are wrong but not you ? Come on…

A good manager always arrive the first and leave the last one. Coming late and leaving early, pretending to your staff you have an appointment for your acupuncture is not serious. A miss communication is as well very useless and bad. How can you say to your staff that this is not good if you have not told them before ?

Culture wise, a manager should be better that their employess. It looks like it is not needed to many of these young managers to know geography for example, but this is completely wrong. I was working in the hospitality business for so long and to be unable to answer to a guest where is is this or that, or that you do not know where is “Ceylon tea” coming from is a evidence of your unknowledge.

It always surprised me when a employee was yelled for not doing this or bringing that and that the manager did the same but just forgot to apologise after. In the luxury business you must have a huge knowledge about “Etiquette” One day, in a managers meeting, they were all panicking because a Royal Princess was coming. They were warried for : How do we call her ? So, I talled them that they have two solutions. First, they can call the embassy and request to the Protocole service. They did ask me : and what is the second option ? I just repplied : Oh, you can just ask me ! Starting my career by working for Royalties helped me a lot.

Lack of professional knowledge is as well a huge problem. They will always tell you that this is the way even if they are wrong. This is frustrating, but this is why I sometimes did not trust them any longer. It is so easy for a real professional to notice that the person does not have experience.

Anyway, mistakes are not only from the employees and please it is not a problem not to know this or that, but please learn how and give to yourself some years to get experience.

Meanwhile, be humble  trustable and fare !

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