The book that I am writing…

This is the start of it :

Here we are, after multiple requests, I am now ready to tell you the story of my professional life, which for me is quite incredible. Meetings with fantastic colleagues, as well as with clients from Monsieur and Madame everyone to the Royal Highnesses and artists of all stripes will have delighted me throughout my career. I also do not forget the opportunities to taste the best restaurants, sleep in incredible hotels or even my private jet trips and first class, while getting paid for it. Rarely I would have had to do with parvenus or clients without education but for all that they had and they are of my meetings.
The first thing learned at the Ferandi Hotel School in Paris, was: “is a stooge whoever wants it”! This is so true that I have managed throughout my life to recognize the true fake of my clients who can often and wrongly play it. It’s funny to see that class is the only thing that money can not buy.
From true noblemen with class, to highly educated people the feeling remains very shared concerning the Bofs, parvenus and new rich. I began my career in England with Lord and Lady Grosvenor, Duke and Duchess of Westminter. The best school of etiquette as the etiquette is heavily present in British aristocrats. Certainly the most noble nobility in the world. This winter work during three wonderful years being completed by summer seasons at the hotel Le Maquis in Porticcio in Corsica. Again, an insolent luck accompanies me because not only the owner of the place was sublimely classy and elegant but the clientele of all my days at the Maquis was of very high level. We will say today, top VIP. At that time this term did not exist and all our customers were treated equally. However, the most paid French CEO at that time was at the top of the basket like Prince Philippe of Bourbon-Parma, Countess Pozzo di Borgo, Edith Michel or Maria Pacôme who offered him all a courtesy without agreeing to his lack elegance. He was one day “thrown out” of the hotel as his snubbing towards the staff irritated the delightful owner.
During my studies at the hotel school, we received at the castle of the Paris Chamber of Commerce, Friedland Avenue, Prince Philip of Edinburgh. I was part of the team that was in charge of the service of this exceptional dinner. The Queen was visiting Paris, and President Pompidou received her with all the respect.
The Chamber of Commerce having invited the Prince, the pupils of the school belonging to the CCI of Paris had been requisitioned for dinner. Great honor if he has but certainly immense memory of this great gentleman who did not fail to come to thank the staff. We were all impressed by his charisma and presence. This great man has captivated us with his handshake and his wishes for success.

More to come…

4 thoughts on “The book that I am writing…

  1. Going to be fascinating, wish you every success. Perhaps ‘Westminter’ in the third paragraph should be ‘Westminster’? I always have to use the spell checker, I’m terrible at spelling. Good luck with it all.


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