Working for the Famous.

Imagine going to work each morning and seeing your favorite celebrity in the kitchen where you work.

The first thing you need to know is that there is no average day – you’re going to be working odd hours. It’s typical to work up to 16 hours a day. I would like to say that I got some sleep but in job a like that its what we call ’24/7’. Your phone will always ring and when you are working for celebrities, billionaires or a royal family, their reach extends worldwide.

For example, we might be based in NYC but if I am dealing with someone in Middle East, your phone rings at all times and you can’t not answer. Clients will keep calling until they get you. They know that some butler/assistants might be so exhausted that they’ll sleep through, so most assistants have a back up phone and an emergency phone, and the ringer has to be set to maximum.

Here’s the thing: sometimes celebrities are eccentric and what you may consider an emergency they might not. One of my guest was renting a villa that he was not familiar with. I was sleeping in another part of it and he called me at 3am because he couldn’t find the light and wanted me to turn the light. To him, it was an emergency.

A lot of people conceptually believe they would love to work for a celebrity. But you have to have a very, very thick skin and you cannot cry easily.

You don’t have that many people you can talk to when you are trying to maintain a public persona, and sometimes these relationships become very deep. We tell assistants not to become a ‘friend’. Sometimes those lines get blurred and you have to be very careful. Even though they trust you, assistants will become confused with that relationship and they can cross a line.

While working for a celebrity, may mean you get to travel to glamorous destinations and meet interesting people, it also means being at the beck and call of your celebrity at all times.

You may need to fly somewhere in the middle of the night, or leave your best friend’s party to fetch laundry at a moment’s notice. And forget dating — you’re in a committed relationship with your celebrity.

I do not have pictures of all of them and those here are authorised. I have to say that most of these are extremely nice and the idea you might have about them is not the daily life I get to share in their private life. I show here my favorites stars and I thank them and some others that are not on a picture.


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