Railway Museum in Puebla, Mexico.

Like the museums of Central Asia and Eastern Europe, Museum here seems to be a catch-all term for stuff rusting outside.” The site is quite large, split in half by a road and with a further collection of junk roped off.

Mexico’s railway museum is located in Puebla, a city not far from Mexico’s capital. It’s actually a very large city but it has a traditional city centre that makes it feel much less crowded. It’s a place definitely worth visiting even if you aren’t a fan of railways, with some stunning cathedrals and architecture, excellent local food and various points of historical interest in relation to several of Mexico’s revolutions.

Mexico had and still has an extensive rail network, and much like in the USA it was “the” method of travel up until the airplane revolution, before becoming untenable in the face of competition from Mexico’s many bus companies. The infrastructure still remains and freight trains still trundle along the tracks.

Despite some signs that suggested that some of the carriages could be viewed from inside, they were when i visited, all closed. Still glimpsing in from the outside often gave a brief idea of what thy must have been like – which is to say – carriage like. There isn’t all that much variation in standard passenger cars really.



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