Peaceful village of New Hope, USA (PA).

There’s likely nowhere else in the country that can claim New Hope’s special blend of quirkiness, history, joviality, an abundance of art galleries, sophisticated dining, eclectic shopping and a lively theater scene.

This riverside town boasts a concentration of artistic talent and a past as a player in the East Coast shipping trade.

Together with Lambertville, New Jersey, a more compact but equally adorable town connected by a pedestrian bridge, New Hope’s commercial district nurtures a business community with wide-ranging tastes. On Main Street alone, dozens of shops offer a variety of goods—from art and women’s fashions to leather and novelty items.

Visitors should plan for a full day of sightseeing in New Hope, with eclectic shops, restaurants and curiosities lining half-a-dozen blocks of Main Street and just as many side streets. The corner of Bridge and Main Streets forms the center of the retail district, and many intriguing and slightly hidden spots tuck into the river bank just beyond Main Street.



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