My home on the Main line.

Working for an American family between France and Philadelphia in the USA, they had to provide me a home when we were in Philly. The three bedrooms house was outside Philadelphia, on the Main Line in Devon.

An olf terrace house at five minutes walk to work. Not really nice inside with old  furnitures not adapted to this home. The floor in the very small bathroom was falling apart.

However it was a pleasant neighborwood and I had a good time there. At one point, I decided to make myself more confortable. This house was not mine so I did not want to spend too much money. I had the opportunity to have near by a nice second-hand store for furniture and decoration items and as well an Ikea store.

I had a Deck in the back and the porch in the front, I wanted to make these nice looking. Only white flowers in the porch with green of course and all kind of colours in the deck.

I was lucky enough to have space in this house. The first floor had a sitting room, dinning room, kitchen and a laundry space going to the deck. Three bedrooms (1 double and 2 single) with one bathroom were on the second floor.

I had a good time in this place and we had great parties with colleagues, family  and friends.


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