The true feeling to own a painting.

Art is extremely subjective,  but we all have a personal approach to what we like or dislike. The most famous and known painting are in museums or in the homes of rich private collectors. However, to have a painting must give you the same feeling that when you are gettting a jewllery, a car, a watch or a book.

It is not of course that you have to, but if you enjoy paintings, get what you like and do not bother about what the others are saying. Never forget it is yours !

I believe it is part of your personality and your mood about life. The secret pleasure that a painting will give you is and must be tremondous.

I must have a kind of a shock, I must be looking at it for a long moment and enjoy what it says to me before I buy it. This as nothing to do with the money as of course I cannot afford an expensive one like those in the museums.

I care about watching it every days and still enjoy it.

There is a proud feeling but it is extremely personnal. I never bragg about this and nobody should. Those who have money could do an investment with paintings, but this is not my world.

I am a bit jaleous about these artists who did the paintings I love.




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