I flew in an Antonov II in Cuba,dating 1945…

This was in 2009 but I still keep this journey deep inside of me. Having some vacations in Cuba with my son, we decided to go to from Varadero to Trinidad…

It was suppose to be a cool journey flying into Trinidad. Soon we arrived at the airport, what a shock !

A few double wings biplane very old looking planes were parked on the tarmac.

What is that ? Are we going to travel with one of those ?

Yes we are. First you feel scared but then the co-pilote tells you that the plane was built in 1945 and that no accident happened since.

Ok, lets do it. Here we are in a twelve seat plane. the amazing thing is that the nose of the plane is higher than the tail. I was not really confortable with the fact that there was only one engine, but my son pushed me to do it.

Very weird feeling to take off your eyes looking kind of up… Anyway here we are now in the air and the impression was better. The purser was seating on a cooler in the back, oh oh. Sudenly the co-pilote came in the tiny cabin and started to open the door, Hey if you wish to get some pictures of the the sugar canes fields its the right moment ! What ?

The double wings put you back in the begining of aviation. The only nodern equipment was a tiny GPS system not bigger than a cell phone.

We then arrived in Trinidad and that was a great day, the city is so spectacular.

Time to go back, of course we were more confident than on the outbound trip.

Soon flying above Varadero, the co-pilote offered us when the door was open again, to take a picture of our hotel, the view of the sea from up in the air is amazing.

Safe and sound we got back in Varadero and I remember this so well, I can even say : so happy we did it.

What a great experience, thank you Aerogaviota.


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