Some of my favorite Hotels.



I do not have a huge budget, and I did not visit the whole world but I love the different Hotels where I stayed so far.

From France to Venice, Malta, London, New York, Washington DC, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Lisbon and Mexico are the few countries and cities I was lucky enough to visit.

I had some dreams of sleeping in some very mystic hotels in this world. Some times I have been abble to offered it.

The hotel Negresco in Nice, the hotel de Crillon in Paris or the hotel National in Havana were part of my wishes.

What do I expect from a hotel ?

I wish a warm welcome, a nice bedroom, a great and plaisant service with good food of course. A good location is a plus.

The bed must be really good, the pillows as to be midium soft and the towels should be in coton.

It is always sweet to be reconised when you return to a hotel where you have been before. I like when they make you feel a guest and not a regular customer. I would rather choose a bit less chic than a place where I would not be confortable.

My favorites are : the Parker Meridien in NY, Sofitel Philadelphia, La Casona de la China Poblana in Puebla (Mexico), Hotel de Cortes in Mexico city, Pan Dai Palais in Saint Tropez, Le Chateau de la Treyne in the 46 (France), Le Ca Maria Adele in Venise, le TAJ Boston, le Royal in Lyon (France) and more…






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