Goosebumps when you have the chance to watch sea Turtle laying eggs…and then free the babies…


One of the best places to Spot Sea Turtles in Cancun and Riviera Maya is, of course, in the gorgeous Caribbean Waters. Learn about some great places where you can spot or swim with these beautiful animals.

Please maintain a respectful distance in the water and on nesting beaches.

When in the nesting beaches, dark and quiet, avoid flash pictures, strong flashlights, fires, loud noises, vehicles.

Some times of the year you can watch them at night lay their eggs on the beach and you can guard and protect these nests or even help collect the eggs to take part in the release of baby turtles!

They are protected here in Mexico, so its actually illegal to hunt and capture them or steal their eggs. The green turtle, hawksbill turtle and loggerhead turtle inhabit the oceans near Cancun.

Their life cycle begins when they all gather to mate, this happens near the South Point of Isla Mujeres where, during May, June and July, you’ll find a lot of them. An easy way to spot sea turtles in Cancun is to ask around locals!

At night, between May and October, female turtles come ashore to lay their eggs in the sand on some beaches.

Volunteers mark in the sand where the nests are so eggs aren’t disturbed and they’re usually around guards that take care of them while they hatch and have a chance to spot sea turtles in Cancun.

It’s very important not to disturb them while they are nesting, so always try to go with an official guide and keep your distance. I also recommend not using torches or flash photography for it might disturb them too.

From July until October, once all the eggs hatch, the baby turtles are ready to be set out into their journey to the ocean! Turtle release events are very popular among children who line up on the beaches with buckets full of wriggling baby turtle hatchlings, they cannot wait to run down the beach and into the ocean.

The locals respect so much these wonderful animals and soon you see one you understand why. It is so much unusual that you instently feel amazed.

The quality of the night pictures is not really good. I apologize but you must understand that no light is allowed except the rd light for the guides.

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