Hotel le Cep in Beaune (21), France.


This hotel is right in the center of the beautiful city of Beaune, next to the restaurant Loiseau des Vignes.



Step over the threshold of the hotel Le Cep and let yourself be transported through time.

Very nice welcome, a reception staff attentive to all your needs, a warm and cozy atmosphere, all this will make your stay in Beaune an unforgettable moment. they strive to create a unique relationship with the guests. Thanks to a family run hotel that is open and friendly and where you will be the center of all the attention the staff dedicates to the guests!


Affiliated to the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, which include some of the best hotels in the world, the hotel Le Cep owes its charm to the uniting of 2 private mansions and their historical 16th century courtyards.

530241_4207276669661_1135735845_n (1)

Sorry I lost the photos of the rooms, they are very confortable and you should be pleased. The whole hotel as got an old style with French countryside furniture, and that will give you a different and good experience.

Not far and a “must see” are the Hospices, and it is worth the visit (see my post).













2 thoughts on “Hotel le Cep in Beaune (21), France.

  1. How lovely is that! Reminds me of being in India, where we did a photographic tour and stayed in converted palaces wherever possible and they were absolutely gorgeous (not expensive, we needed the security for all the gear). One hotel in Rajasthan called Sardargarh was particularly gorgeous, where one could explore the old parts of the palace freely, and it is run by the Marharaja and his wife who live in part of it – it was magical.

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