Casa de Alfenique in Puebla, Mexico.


Puebla is one of the most beautiful and representative of all Mexican cities and the best way to start your exploration of this colonial treasure is from its very heart. The Historic Center, where you will find countless museums, convents and beautiful baroque buildings, will take you on a journey into the past, ensuring you fall in love with this amazing city.

This renovated colonial house is an outstanding example of the over-the-top 18th-century decorative style alfeñique, characterized by elaborate stucco ornamentation and named after a candy made from sugar and egg whites. The 1st floor details the Spanish conquest, including indigenous accounts in the form of drawings and murals. The 2nd floor houses a large collection of historic and religious paintings, local furniture and household paraphernalia.

Casa del Alfenique is an iconic historical museum in Puebla, Mexico. It was home to the leaders of the Mexico Revolution in the early part of the 19th Century. You can still see bullet holes in the walls from a revolutionary battle. You’ll also see many interesting artefacts from the history of Puebla and Mexico.

The house was built in 1791 it was the home of Ignacio Morales, a wealthy ironworker, who designed the house to be built with elaborate stucco-work resembling the famous sweet sugar candies called “alfeñiques”, hence the name Casa del Alfeñique. The Casa del Alfeñique has been completely restored and has several exhibits depicting the history of Puebla.

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