Calm and so different Provincetown, M.A. (USA),


Provincetown or P-town is located on the extreme tip of Cape Cod, Massachuchetts in the USA. The town is known for its beaches, harbor, artists, tourist industry.

In the mid-1960s, Provincetown saw population growth. The town’s rural character appealed to the hippies of the era; property was relatively cheap and rents were correspondingly low, especially during the winter. Many of those who came stayed and raised families. Commercial Street, the town’s equivalent to “Main Street”, gained numerous cafés, leather shops, head shops – various hip small businesses blossomed and many flourished.

Once one of the most productive whaling and fishing ports on the East Coast, today it is homeport to the whale watching fleet and closest to Stellwagan National Marine Sanctuary. MacMillan Pier is full of fishing charters, sailing, motor boats… Ferries from Boston and Plymouth bring thousands of visitors to Provincetown.

Celebrate the Arts in Provincetown. Many Artists come to Provincetown and are inspired by the sea, sand dunes, street scenes and of course the magnificent light and colors…

With a great view and out of the crowd, the Land’s End Inn will offer you a top quality stay. Free wine and cheese at 5 pm, brilliant breakfast as well as very confortable rooms. The owner will warmly Welcome you and if possible you visit all the free rooms, you just have to choose the one you prefer. This is not the case everywhere.

Enjoy a great spot where to rest in a beautiful village.




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