Books are compulsory.

I am a greedy reader and I go back to my books very often. I started a collection of old books, some from the 18 th century.

It is an incredable joy to read but it is as well very strong to look at them every day, smell them. touch them.

This feeling does not exist with a kindle, I know it’s lighter, but it does not give you any romance.

From the latest novel to an antique book, the emotional moment will take your soul completely.

I said in an other article that I love to go to Rizzoli, a bookstore in New York, but this is not the only place. I found great places in Paris, London or Mexico city and this is not all.

Rarely, I buy books on the net, I prefer to spend time to discover in real with the book in my hands.

The old books will give me goosebumps. I always think of the ex-owners and how many books they had. What kind of persons were they ?

Learning what the writer was thinking in these days and when you realise that the knoledge was not as hight as today, you go back in the old days with a lot of respect.

Going to visit a library gives me that beautiful hope to read more and more.




7 thoughts on “Books are compulsory.

  1. At this very moment saws are buzzing inside our living room as three workers try to finish our new bookshelves. We have lived in 4 houses in our 16 years together, and in each one when we move, we always have to add bookshelves for my wife’s extensive collection. I think her love of books is one of the reason I started writing them 10 years ago.
    So I appreciate your post acknowledging the importance of books!

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  2. Thanks for following my blog: misplaced map case. I gave up my library to travel like we do, but I still have photos, and frequently get a chance to appreciate others’ libraries in Bed’n’Breakfasts. Cheers.

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