Old cars, beautiful feeling…

It is amazing how we all react when an old car passes by. I do believe that the owners of these beauties feel extremely proud.

It’s a mix of elegance and a way to socialize with people of today.


I try to guess how much time they spend to maintain in such a good shape these vehicules of the past. Some do only exist in a very small number.

We all remember the car that our grandpa had and all the good moments we spent in traveling in that car, at least I do.


The cars we have today are are more equipped with modern technology and sometimes it is anoying that we must go to the car dealer to get something fixed when those old ones only needed passion and love.

I confess that I would love to own a few of these witnesses of our past.

A bride would enjoy going to her wedding in one of them as there must be a romantic reason somehow.

Just go to Cuba and tell me you would not like to travel in one of these.

I had the ocasion to make a journey in a Citroen Traction, and the look of the witnesses on the side of the road was offering us a very proud feeling. Taking our time of course and using secondary roads not to slow down the traffic, made us see beauty of the forgotten roads, replaced by the modern highways.

Wherever you are in the world you will surely see one and then tell me I am wrong !

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