Always have flowers on your table and your home.

I guarantee you will feel much better to live with flowers in your house and your guests will be so pleased if you do not forget to have some on your table.

It is really important and quite cheap. Flowers from the garden could transform your interior so please avoid plastic or silk flowers.

If your flowers are still ok, keep them and re-use them in a different composition. If you can, change the vase and add some more.

It is very important that if you have guests for a few days, you do chage the arrangement every day.

A very nice and cool thing to do as well is to use some decorative objects that coud go nicely with your bouquets.

Get some mirrors to place under your flowers and candles to make the look more generous.

Invest in a few baskets that will help you mix some flowers and plants from your garden, but in a tidy way. It will surely look more generous too.

You do not have to spend a fortune, just use your imagination and be creative. However sometimes the simpliest way fits better your ambiance; it’s up to you.


No matter the type of home you have: from a average home to an luxurious mansion, you still have to make it happen regarding your budget but always keeping in mind that your guests will notice.

One important thing is to avoid scence flowers on the table. This would disturb the dishes you are serving and sometimes few people are alergic.

I have a big collection of different vases: from tiny ones to very generous and the flowers cannot be looking poor, so addapt the vase regarding the quantity of flowers you have.

Please note that the center piece should not be too high so people can converse nicely.

Get ideas from a luxury hotel or restaurant although it is not always suitable to your home.

I just cannot imagine the place where I work at or my personal home without flowers.

Just an simple omelette in a nice plate and a goblet with three roses will give you the impresion of a nice meal.

Once again never forget that in your garden you might have a few treasures. However, I only take flowers from the garden if necessary as I like to see filled with natural beauty.

For me flowers are part of the magic romance you give to your house and express your way of life.

6 thoughts on “Always have flowers on your table and your home.

  1. I have good friends who periodically bring me beautiful flowers to grace my simple abode. I love the beauty of flowers and enjoy taking pics of them at various stages. When they are done I save the petals because I enjoy those too 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics……


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  2. You are absolutely right! I had a friend who would always bug me flowers when she noticed mine were dying, or pick some for me. They made my house and room so much happier. It’s amazing the world of difference such a small thing can do


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