Emotional Art by David Lasry, Belgium.

In progress

Colorful painting, hidden by a black and transparent white, “the Soul of the time on our Memory” and free some part of the colors. The relief will then be sublimely transformed as our own memories.

David has been welcomed as a permanent artist in the famous “Centre Culturel des Abattoirs de Bomel” in Belgium. His sensitive Art is refered in the Saaatchi galery in Los Angeles.

Few exhibitions like :

“Contemporary Exhibition” Belgian Gallery at the Chateau de la Hulpe,Belgium in June 2017.

“Essential paintings” at Gery art Gallery, in Namur Belgium, between April and June 2017.

“Labatories Exibition” in Belgium December 2016.

Keller and Heckman, Brussels 2014.

White City art Gallery, Tel Aviv, March 2013.

Exibitions in Paris, London and in Belguim at the Art Generation Gallery.

You will see his realizations on the link : Youtube.com/watch? http://centrecultureldenamur.be/laborattoirs2016.

And also saatchiart.com/DAVIDLASRY2567

His actual masterpiece is a group of six panels of wood (1 squared meter each) that figures 50 kilos total.

Untitled D

by David Lasry

Being an artist means having, among other things, a metaphysical dimension in clairvoyant obstinacy.

It is speculating on the unforeseen, on the unknown, on the canvas as well as on the future.

It is a way of giving meaning to the absurdity of the world.

Is it possible that our memories (our experiences) have forgotten that human beings are characterized, among other things, by their ability to reflect (the Spirit) and by their sensitivity (the Soul)?

Through my painting, helped by silence, memories and ethics, I try to answer this oft-neglected question: does life have any meaning? If yes, which ?

D is an abstract work or not, an acrylic work composed of six wooden panels with a total surface area of more than 6m² and weighing more than 50 kg, realized using brushes, pencils and scrapers. It was reflected on and elaborated on in artistic residence at the Abattoirs of Bomel, Namur Belgium.

Here there is no rational explanation proposed of these tableaux. Rather an incomplete set of keys for locks sometimes hidden, or intentionally forgotten within us, within the other.

Symbolically wood is the collected moment, solid and stable, indicating the strengths and weaknesses, the sensibilities shared with desired growth.

Memory is the fertile ground on which our minds develop and traps us by its capacity. Indeed, we can not decide to erase all or part of it. This memory I paint, the depictions aided by the use of brushes.

The Soul, the secret part, black as the wick of a candle and bleached like a school board repeatedly cleaned, we can observe among others, checks, labyrinths, spirals stylizing a quest for self, emotive and voluntary in it’s search for security.

The tapered lines that stretch out and incise the irregular surface, are all trajectories formed in the course of our movements, which constitute our paths of life.
Some interrupt, others continue.

Red, pink, blues and grays, symbols of reflection remind us how much the spirit, with it’s built-in aging, should not be considered as a criterion of value of the modern individual.

Between these two components hides a scale evoking the essential link between the Spirit and the Soul.

This work reminds us how fragile the human is and remains in search of oneself.

You have understood it between my words nestled in silence, chosen or imposed.
In these silences there are keys and locks. Everyone will be able to try to open doors behind which is lodged an appointment forgotten, repelled, deferred with yourself.
I invite you …”

Knowing him for over 20 years, I subscribed to his permanent research of the truth for happiness. He is pasionate by the invisible beauty of every thing and makes all his entourage peaceful; this for me is right in his painting. The whole world deserves happiness and the absurd side of this world should be clarified; this is so true.

Do not forget that 10 years of Piano gives you a wonderful sense of romantiscism, just saying…

Just please visit the pictures of his work; think, believe and dream.




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