Adorable city of Blois, France.


Blois attracts most visitors because of the popular Chateau de Blois that is situated in the town, but Blois is also a very popular city. While in Blois, also take a look at the rest of the historical town which has some other less famous highlights to discover.

Next to the Castle, in the Old Town, you can also admire some important buildings, like the Cathedral of Saint Louis, dating from the tenth century, and in Gothic style.

Opposite the cathedral, the ‘Maison des Acrobates’, dates from the fifteenth century. See also the Blois churches of Saint-Laumer (1210), Saint-Sernin (XVI century) and, finally, of Saint-Louis, of the seventeenth century.

The ancient town also includes many late Gothic and Renaissance palaces such as the palace of the Archbishop, surrounded by terraced gardens close to the Loire river.

The city is also full of traditional bistro, where you can sample the local cuisine, with dishes of snails, steak with duck sausage and the famous tripe, the ‘veritable andouillette’ and then, again, the rabbit, duck with lentils and pike with red cabbage, to be enjoyed with classic Loire wines, whites and reds, which until the Middle Ages were appreciated throughout Europe.

There are also fine gardens with the Bishops Palace Garden offering wonderful views of the city and the Loire river.




4 thoughts on “Adorable city of Blois, France.

  1. Back in the 80s I lived in Blois and fell in love with this place!… When I lived there Blois had a large chocolate factory near the train station and on many days the entire town would smell like chocolate. Thanks for sharing these pictures!

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